As a person interested in Emergency Preparedness, and as a member of NYC ARES, I carry some basic emergency gear with me at ALL times. I have gone to a 3 plus layer system.

Please note: that this kit is only the start of a true '72 hour' kit. It does NOT have nearly enough water and food in it. This bag's main purpose is as a Get Home Bag, in other words, a bag to get me to my truck, or to home, where I have additional resources. The truck (not pictured) does have additional water and food.

The layers are:

  1. On my Person
  2. In my Backpack
  3. In the car/house, ready to go

What follows is a description of what is in each layer, and why

On my Person

These are the bare essentials. They take care of 90% of my everyday need, and minor small emergencies. They consist of:

The Minikit

This is a picture of one of my Minikits. There is a second one in my pack, with very slightly different contents


The Contents are as follows

Note: This HAS changeded since the photos, see notes

  1. One Dose Advil - other kit has 2 (Now 2)
  2. 2 Packets of Antibotic ointment
  3. An Altoids tin to store it in - there is a whole field of "Altoids" minikits
  4. Some change taped to the top of the tins, so it doesn't rattle
  5. Oaktag cards, for writing Note: This one is actually an cutup Punch Card! (Changed to 2 sheets of Rite In Rain Paper)
  6. "Ranger Rubber Bands" - a couple of sections of cutup inner tube. Used to hold the kit closed
  7. Immodium - One dose
  8. Stubby Pencil, wrapped with some dental floss, the Inner strand of some 550 cord, and with a sewing needle
    Dental Floss makes good sewing thread
  9. Ear Plugs - To save what hearing I have left
  10. Pepcid AC - On a call out, you probably won't be eating right
  11. New wrapped single edge razor blade
  12. Some cash
  13. 3 Doses Benadryl - I have hayfever
  14. Metrocard with $6 on it. I have one in my wallet too
  15. 2 Advanced Healing BandAidTM Strips
  16. 2 Knuckle BandAidTM Strips (Now 1)
  17. 1 section Moleskin Plus
  18. Added - one 3x3 Gauze pad
  19. Added - One dose Allegra (I did say I have Hayfever, right?)
  20. Added - 4 strips First aid tape - to hold the gauze pad
  21. Added - One Packet - Bactine Cleansing Wipe
  22. Added - One Bic Mini Lighter

Yes, it's a REAL tight fit in there, in fact, the only reason the kit stays closed is the rubber bands

In My Backpack

The gear in my backpack is designed to last me at least 1 day in the field, and can last longer if I add more food and water. I'm NOT that worried about getting food/water here in NYC. The main design goals are 1)Callout, and 2)Getting me home from work if the trains are not running
Here is a picture of the contents:


The Contents are as follows - I've broken it down into sections

  1. The Pocket Ref - This is a book with all sorts of useful info in it
  2. Knot Card - Just in case I can't remember a certain knot
  3. Folding Saw, Leatherman Tool, section of inner tube to make more "Ranger Rubber Bands"
  4. 2 Packs Tissues, spare batteries for Flashlight (see item 8)
  5. Clean Towel, Leather work gloves, Boonie Cap with 550 cord laced around rim
  6. These are really from the "On My Person" section - the knife and keys
  7. 2 Powerbars
  8. SureFire E2 Flashlight (I have also added an ARC LS to this)
  9. Writing Stuff - notepaper, red and black medium "Sharpies", Black Fine Point Sharpie, Mechanical Pencil
    Note: I forgot to label it, but right above this is 50 feet of 550 cord
  10. Bundle of Wire Ties
  11. Small Roll of Duct Tape
  12. Bottle of Water
  13. 2 Spare ziplock bags
  14. Hand wipes, waterless hand cleaner, toilet paper
  15. EMT Shears
  16. Sewing Kit
  17. First Aid Kit
    This kit contains
    • 2nd Mini Kit
    • Roll Gauze
    • 2 gauze pads
    • 2 pairs latex gloves
    • Roll of first aid tape
    • Prescription Meds for me
    • Betadine
    • Bloodstopper Trauma Bandage
    and is packed in it's own ziplock bag
  18. Lighter
  19. Rite-in-Rainnotebook, 6" ruler, Fisher Space Pen
  20. Dual Grit Sharpening Stone
  21. Small Fixed Blade Knife
  22. Communications Group
    • Icom T-90A HT
    • The ARRL Repeater Directory
    • Roll Up J-Pole
    • Spare AA Battery Pack for HT
    • Spare Battery for Cell Phone
  23. Dental Floss

Not pictured are

All this is carried in an Eagle Industries Becker Patrol Pack

Just a quick note on the pack - This pack is way oversized of this small amount of gear, but I also usually have my work gear, plus a jacket in the pack, and I still have room. It is also the BEST made pack I've ever seen. Forget your "North Face" or "Lowe Alpine" or whatever. I had doubts until I actually saw one. VERY nice gear

In The Car/house

In the house, I keep a 2nd Go Bag, with the gear I'd take if I'm at home when I'm called - that includes a Mobile Rig, 2 12v 7Ah Gel Cell Batteries, a Camping Stove with a Pot, and a few other items

In the house or car (depending), I have a Mag mount antenna, a larger first aid kit, more tools, and I have more food and water stocked to go.

ALL 12 volt power connectors have been changed to 30 Amp Andersen Powerpole connectors per the CA Standard

Today I found another interesting Go Bag/Emergency Bag page Building a personal emergency bag" by Dr Faulken