Carbide Tooling

A lot of Home shop machinists don't use carbide tooling for some reason. Here is a page with MY opinions on carbide tooling

My Lathe

My Lathe
An Atlas 12"x48" lathe with Quick Change tool post

Latest Project

Modified BY-2 Paddle
I modified my old Bencher BY-2 paddle to have a 1/8 inch mini-jack

Another common project for me is to make adaptors to Yaesu G-8xxx series rotors to the common TX-2 or tailtwister bolt pattern

I sell these, and they are P.O.R., as the raw materials (6" diameter 6061 slabs 1 inch thick) change in price dramatically

Yaesu Adaptor

Older Projects

PMR#3 Steam Engine

One of the first projects to use castings that I ever did is a PMR #3 engine in bronze. The quality of the castings was fantastic, and the finished model runs well. I really enjoyed working on this engine.

Stepster CNC

Recently, I was asked to pick up work on a CNC program for DOS. The Web page is HERE Page On hiatis


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