Coquette and Tuxedo were our two cats (Tux is the Black and white one <g>).

Coquette and Tuxedo

Coquette was 6 and Tuxedo 4 when this picture was taken

Coquette crossed the bridge in April 2010 just shy of her 20th Birthday. Tuxedo crossed to the bridge in March 2009 at age 16 1/2. Both were found as kittens

We then adopted two new adopted cats that had been the companions of a dear friend who passed away. They are brothers named Saci and Suki.

Suki Saci

Unfortunately, Suki passed away at a very young age in 2011. He was probably the worlds happiest cat, with an extremely loud purr.

Soon after Suki went to the bridge, we relaized that Saci was lonely, so we adopted 2 kittens, Lilly and Shadow.

Lilly has picked up the nickname Silly Lilly. She is a very affectionate, silly cat, who loves to play, is is the Princess of the house" Lilly

Shadow lives up to his name, both in color and personality. He is very shy


Saci crossed the bridge in 2016, so then we adopted Onyx a few weeks later